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Strength to 토토사이트 achieve their full potential

I saw a flash of silver as he drew his gun from

behind the small of his back. My gun already drawn, I

was behind cover. He was stuck out in the open; I had a

clear line of fire. He looked about forty years old, with

dark, deep-sunken eyes-he looked every bit the

criminal he was. I had tracked and chased him down.

With my team not far behind me, he was now cornered.

The adrenaline surged inside my body. Twenty-five feet

away was a fugitive felon with a gun in his hand thinking

about using it on me 먹튀검증.

“Drop it,” I told him firmly, without for one instant

ceasing to bear my gaze straight down my pistol sight.

Out drawn, and out positioned, there wasn’t that

much for him to think about. Either he wanted to live or

he wanted to die, that’s really all he had to decide. He

knew it was over. He lowered his weapon. Once we had

him in cuffs and sped off to our location, it hit me. At

last, the murderous drug lord who had cost the life of

one of our agents was finally in custody.

To this day, I credit Leo-tai’s training as the one

thing that most helped me keep the hair-trigger on my

government-issued 9mm from engaging, and sending

five or six Black Talon law enforcement rounds straight

into their target-center mass.

What a crazy job this is, I remember thinking, as I

sat down for a moment to let the energy subside. And as

I did, my mind flashed back to a time when Leo-tai once

described the Mental Warrior to me . . .

We were walking in the hills, he leading as usual,

with that untiring pace that sometimes even I had

trouble keeping up with. It was hot, and I enjoyed the

breeze as we climbed higher and the humidity began to


When we finally reached the top of the trail, we

stopped, rested, and admired the view as he told me

what he had planned to tell me.

Warrior, you must learn to recognize the Mental

Warrior; you must understand where the training takes


He had my undivided attention.

This is what he told me: “Mental Warriors cannot be

intimidated. Their self-confidence is too deeply rooted

to be shakeable. They arrive on the scene to dominate.

They love to compete; competing energizes them. They

repel negative thoughts; they control their internal

environment. They know how to remain focused under

even the most challenging conditions.”

He told me: “Mental Warriors make it a point to be

ready. They’ve learned to manage pressure; they never

fail to keep moving forward. They refuse to lose, they’ll

never quit, and they will patiently work to find a solution

and to find a way to win. Mental Warriors cannot accept

not trying.”

Leo-tai went on: “Mental Warriors are goal

oriented. They know what they want to do and set out to

achieve it. Their dreams and goals motivate them to

excel. They are dedicated. They know how to control

their emotions so as to not allow them to sabotage their

own performance. Mental Warriors never lose their

composure and self-control in the heat of battle.”

“Most of all, Mental Warriors are brave, Daniel-san,

they have heart. They have the courage and inner

strength to achieve their full potential. They understand

the power of imagination, concentration, and


He closed his lesson that day by reminding me that

the only way that one could ever become a Mental

Warrior was by practicing what the Art teaches.

Remember: One must practice in order to



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