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His 토토사이트 chances of succeeding increase dramatically.

Ask yourself this: what type of competitor are you?

Are you the kind who likes to play it safe and just do

alright? Or are you the kind who’s willing to take a

chance on possibly failing in order to accomplish

something amazing? More than anything else, it’s a fear

of failure that keeps people from achieving their full

potential in sports, in life, in business-in everything.

Fearing failure is more than just a bad thing. The

bottom line is that in order to be good in your sport, or

whatever it is that you do, you simply can’t be afraid of

failing. Here’s why: Being afraid to fail actually helps

create the conditions that make failure more likely!

Fear of failure causes a lot of problems. It restricts

you. The wrong types of thoughts result in shortness of

breath, tight muscles, and an overload of stress . . .

Worse still, fear of failing can cause a competitor to start

playing it safe 먹튀검증. Instead of rising up to meet the

challenge, he subconsciously shrinks from it.

On the other hand-and this is the important point

-once a competitor learns to overcome the fear of

failing, his chances of succeeding increase dramatically.

In reality, fear of failure is nothing more than a

perceived psychological threat to your ego and self-

esteem. What typically causes a fear of failing is the

state of mind that takes hold when a competitor is afraid

of looking bad, or else is such a perfectionist that he’s

become overly self-critical. In either case, his internal

state ends up holding him back, whether he’s aware of it

or not.

Adults are more than capable of wrecking their own

chances with fear of failure. However, with a child,

parents and coaches must be extra careful. Often the

adults are the ones creating this build-up of nervous

stress in the child athlete’s internal world. Injecting the

wrong emotional input into a child’s occasional failure

can ruin the child’s love of the sport and even destroy

their confidence.

With children, it’s especially crucial that we help

build self-esteem, not tear it down. Parents need to go

easy on the criticism. Parents shouldn’t act out. It’s that

type of adult behavior that can cause a child’s fear of


In order to avoid the internal state that causes the

fear of failure, the mental athlete must first come to look

at failure in an entirely different way from most people.

He has to learn to accept that the only way to accomplish

anything great is to risk failing at it first. He has to

accept that without occasional failures he can never hope

to get better. He has to understand that on the path to

greatness, some failures are inevitable. And when he

does lose, the mental athlete has to make a conscious

decision to learn from that failure. Rather than

abandoning himself to the luxury of misery, he will

methodically shut down that destructive voice of internal

self-criticism in favor of looking at failure as valuable


Thus, when he experiences failure, he learns what,

out of all his training, still isn’t working. He learns how

to fail constructively. In other words, the mental athlete

won’t allow a fear of failure to hold him back from

greatness. By learning to look at the occasional failure

differently, top competitors are able to enter competition

without a fear of failure. And that is critically

important. When there is no fear of failure, one gains an

important advantage. An advantage that can make all

the difference.

After all, consider this: there is no one in history, in

or outside of sports, who ever rose to greatness without

having once failed. Politicians have lost elections.

Generals have lost battles. Millionaires have failed in

prior business ventures. Behind every Olympic gold

medal lie hundreds of second and third place finishes.

Think about it.

Remember: Fear of failure is caused by not

knowing how to fail constructively. The only

way to accomplish anything great is to risk

failing at it first. If you have a fear of failing, it’s

more than just a bad thing. It can actually

cripple your chances of success.


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